21 Times Sober You Realized Drunk You Is An Idiot

We’ve all been there, some of us more than most. Waking up in the morning sporting an epic hangover, unsure of how you managed to get all your clothes off but still managed to keep your shoes on. You think to yourself “did I take my shoes off and then put them back on?” Yes…yes you did. Here are 21 images that show sober you why drunk you is an idiot.


1. Right idea, wrong execution.


2. Who needs a can opener when you’ve got a tool box.


3. Nick is a prick.

4. Because it was your choice to do this to yourself.


5. Because paying the Domino’s guy to deliver McDonald’s probably just cost you $100.


6. You’ve found the earrings, now you need to track down the shoes.

7. Problem solved.


8. You better hope that shoe thief doesn’t like lamps.


9. Pretty sure that’s not how you clock out.

10. Cheeseburger please, hold the burger.


11. When you’re still not completely sober the next morning.


12. “Note to drunk John: that’s pretty impressive but damn it, doors have handles for a reason!”

13. It’s just a matter of will power.


14. The early bird catches the best sleeping spots.


15. This is great until you realize this guy’s a paramedic.


16. Your mother must be so proud.


17. “Thanks for the reminder drunk me”.

18. Good luck eating your food now that it has a face.


19. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Stupid.


20. Because your drunk self is a douche.


21. Hopefully that doesn’t mean the phone’s in your stomach right now.