21 Times People Took Signs Way Too Seriously

How are we supposed to follow directions in life when they are so misleading? Here are 21 signs that were taken way too seriously.


1. That’s pretty bad taste guys.


2. A genius is born every minute.


3. The smoking regulations these days are ridiculous.

4. Seems simple enough.


5. Wise guy.


6. Extreme foot traffic.

7. False advertising.


8. Who’s Big Marco?


9. Give this guy a prize.

10. You’re going straight to hell.


11. Something got lost in translation.


12. It’s always the quiet ones.

13. That treacherous color blue strikes again.


14. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


15. OK it might be time to dial it back a bit Portland.

16. “Watch out for Hary, he might kill us all”.


17. Know your place cat!


18.  Dating was never easier.

19. “I was framed, the cops planted the evidence!”.


20. It’s all the rage in Sweden.


21. Better hope nobody bottoms out that ‘D’.