21 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Can Do. #10 Is So Cool!

1.  Put your iPhone into “Airplane Mode” to significantly decrease charging times.

2. Customize your vibrations – use this to setup custom vibrations for each of your best friends! Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration.

3. Siri can help you find the airplane flying above you.

4. Create shortcuts for common phrases you use. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Add New Shortcut.

5. You can control the scrubbing rate of video and audio by moving your finger down the screen as your scrub through it

6. Shake your iPhone to undo typing.

7. You can teach Siri how to pronounce words! When Siri mispronounces a word, simply say “That’s not how you pronounce “_____” and alternative options will be provided that will be remembered.

8. Turning on “LED Flash for Alerts” will make your camera flash emit light whenever you receive an alert. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, then scroll down and turn on “LED Flash for Alerts.”

9. Simply swipe left on your compass app to use your iPhone as a level.

10. Hold down the camera capture button to take photos in burst mode. This will take a series of photos in quick succession.

11. Create a passcode with letters instead of numbers. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn off “Simple Passcode.”

12. See the timestamps of text messages by sliding the texts over

13. Lock autofocus and exposure while you are taking photos

14. Hold down the compose button to access your drafts quickly

15. Get a detailed calendar view by flipping your phone sideways

16. Add web suffixes easily by holding down the “.” button when typing in a URL in your web browser.

17. Use the speak selection feature to have your iPhone or iPad speak out any text you select. To enable this feature, open the settings app, scroll down, choose General, tap Accessibility, then turn on Speak Selection. You can highlight text by double tapping or by tapping and holding down. Tap “Speak” on the pop-up menu (you may have to scroll right by tapping the right arrow on the menu).

18. When the camera app is open, you can use the volume up and down buttons to take photos!

19. If you want to listen to music or audiobooks before you go to sleep, set a timer so it turns off. You can do this by launching the timer app, setting a timer and selecting the “When Timer Ends” option to “Stop Playing”.

20. Take a screenshot by holding down the power and home button at the same time.

21. When typing, double-tap the spacebar to add a period! Your iPhone will automatically add a space and and get you typing the next sentence faster.