21 People Who Failed To See That They Were The Weird One

College is an exciting time, you go away and meet new friends and hopefully live with a roommate that isn’t giving you that third rock from the sun vibe. However, sometimes when you discover that you’re living with a total space cadet you need to look deep inside and ask yourself if your roommate is actually the problem? It may be that you have been the moon hopper all along…BOOM…that was the the sound of your mind being blown!


1. Maybe you should be more selective about who you let into your bed.


2. Expect a ransom note to follow, you slob.


3. At least you know you’ll never run out of toilet paper.

4. You made her a cake dude, not sure who’s the weird one here.


5. Maybe it calms her down to feel like she’s under interrogation.


6. Seems like there is a traumatic story behind this note.

7. Come on that’s not weird, that’s hilarious! Who wouldn’t want a sexy ghost for a roommate?


8. While you’re failing at life she is successfully multitasking.


9. Stop leaving boxes around the place if you don’t want him sleeping in them.

10. Some people would be pretty happy to be missed this much.


11. And you have a crappy Twitter handle. Guess you guys are even.


12. This guy’s just auditioning for the part of Mexican Bane.

13. Isn’t this exactly what you asked for?


14. Pretty sure you’re just jealous you’ve never done anything this awesome with your down time.


15. Maybe your roommate is trying to tell you something.

16. Sometimes you need the extra storage space.


17. At least your roommate showers.


18. That’s just good chimney maintenance.

19. He just learned a new skill. What have you done lately?


20. Creating an awesome new holiday called St. Easter’s Pancake day.


21. You’re just jealous that she still gets more guys numbers than you.