21 Helpful Tips To Survive The Apocalypse

It could happen any day now. When the apocalypse comes, you’re going to want to be prepared. Luckily, you can make fire with pretty much anything and duct tape can be used in many situations.


1. Use your fingers to see how much daylight remains.

That’s assuming you still have your fingers at this point.


2. Catch water with a plastic sheet.


Sure, it doesn’t seem necessary now, but just wait until all the stores have been raided, the tabs don’t run and it’s just you and your plastic sheet.


3. Duct tape your blisters.

When all the running from zombies and/or other apocalyptic creatures has left you with some serious blisters, just duct tape them and move on.

4. Or use duct tape to open jars.

This magical grey tape of gods can be used for almost anything. In fact, why aren’t we using is to open jars right now?


5. Salt water to treat bites and itches.

Although it probably won’t work on zombie bites, sorry.


6. A crayon will burn for half an hour so you don’t have to freak out when you run out of candles.

Seriously, chill. There’s plenty of crayons to go around.

7. Dryer lint and Vaseline

Seriously, just about anything will catch fire.


8. Use your watch as a compass.

The world has ended. Would you rather know what time it is or where the hell you are?


9. Make a can into a stove.

“Oh no, what are we going to cook food on, we don’t have a stove…” Enter the juice can.

10. Leaves.

Leaves are like nature’s duct tape. Use them for everything! Put them on your wounds, use them as insulation, make rope out of them, go nuts. Plenty of leaves to go around.


11. Baking soda toothpaste.

Because the apocalypse is not a good enough reason to slack on dental hygiene.


12. Cheetos and Doritos are great fire starters.

If they make it to the fire, that is.

13. Lemon and coins.

No electricity? No problem! As long as you have a lemon and some coins handy, you’ll be just fine. Learn how to get some juice out of a lemon here.


14. Soda can.

Thought you missed out on being the stove hero because you didn’t have a juice can, did you? Don’t worry about it, a soda can will do just fine.


15. Tarp raft.

Zombies can’t swim, and you’ve got a raft. Human 1, apocalypse 0.

16. Dust mask bra cup.

Not only good for surviving, but also for accessorizing. You’re welcome.


17. Empty tins.

To collect all your first-aid essentials – and hair ties, apparently.


18. Walking/fighting stick.

For all your walking/fighting adventures.

19. Dental floss.

You’ll catch a fish in no time! If you happen to also have a tin handy, it’s a full-on gourmet fish-grilling party.


20. Steel wool and a battery.

Whoosh! Instant firestarter.


21. Use a soda can to open padlocks.

If you’ve ever opened a sibling’s diary padlock with a bobby pin, you’ll have no problem opening a bigger padlock with a bit of soda can.