21 Gigantic Movie Mistakes That Were Left In The Final Cut

Do you ever get the feeling filmmakers are just playing practical jokes on film goers to see if they are paying attention? Re-shooting takes time and money and most people just want to go and eat a bagel. Here are 21 movie mistakes that are so big it’s hard to see how they made the final cut.


1. Now you see it, now you don’t in The Dark Knight.

The case of the vanishing heart monitor is more of a mystery than how the Joker got those scars. You clearly see it in one shot, then in the next it’s missing.


2. The Overlook Hotel seems a little bit shifty in The Shining.

That’s because you don’t see the hotel’s maze anywhere in this aerial shot. Maybe it’s a ghost maze?


3. Blink and you’ll miss it in Enemy at the Gates.

Jude Law’s character in Enemy at the Gates is so fast at killing people that as Ralph Fiennes passes him his kill sheet, he already has another kill.

4. Stallone is a bit too hands on in Cobra.

You may not know this about Stallone, but the guy is dedicated to his craft. He’s so dedicated that he improvised this scene in Cobra where he rips another guy’s shirt, unfortunately this ended up revealing the microphone pack underneath – the guy’s a snitch!


5. This guy loves him some shark attacks in Jaws.

He must be an adrenaline junkie, because he’s never been as alive as when he’s saving his child from the clutches of the monster shark in Jaws – he’s been preparing for this moment his entire life.


6. The guy who totally butchered it in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Look behind Harrison Ford and you will see a phantom butcher who’s totally butchering his cameo appearance – you had one job!

7. That’s pretty handy in Jurassic Park.

When the raptors arrive on the scene in Jurassic Park you know there’s trouble, except when you can clearly see a human hand operating it from behind.


8. The guy that was too tall for the Star Wars ride.

Apparently nobody told this guy that there was a height restriction for stormtroopers, because he goes head first into that blast door like it’s going out of style.


9. There’s always one guy who doesn’t follow the dress code.

If you look into the crowd you will clearly see one guy who didn’t get to the costume store in time for shooting Gladiator.

10. This clever deception in Saw.

In Saw, Lawrence seems to have fooled Jigsaw and the audience by making us all believe he sawed off his foot, but if you look closer you can see that it’s just tucked into his pants.


11. Punch drunk blood in Titanic.

This Titanic punch was so good, even the blood pack was surprised.


12. A man’s grip on his sword is like his grip on the world in The Two Towers.

You can clearly see Eomer’s sword falling out of it’s sheath before he rides off into the distance.

13. The film crew is in the eye of the beholder in Wild.

The crew can clearly be seen through this horse’s eye in the film Wild. If eyes are the window to the soul, then this horse is a voyeur at heart.


14. So much in this scene is just so wrong in Teen Wolf.

There is some conjecture as to the nature of this flasher’s intentions, who either had a wardrobe malfunction or got a little bit too excited while watching basketball. You’re so busy watching this flasher that you don’t realize that Michael J. Fox  is totally humping his dad. Who dry humps their dad after winning a basketball game?


15. Enemy at the Gates is a highly misunderstood film.

Apparently someone in this video store thought the movie was hilarious because it wound up in the comedy section.

16. This creepy kid in Back to the Future III.

This pint-sized assistant train conductor may be the creepiest kid in film history, or the most baller eight-year-old of all time as he ushers the camera crew closer and then points at his junk as if to say “I’m open for business and business is good”.


17. The magic lamp.

Now you see it, now it’s smashed and now you see it again?


18. Grandpa Joe’s a dirty rotten liar in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

How did Joe get a Wonka Bar for Charlie’s birthday without anyone knowing when he’s been bedridden for 20 years? He’s been faking it! That’s how.

19. This act of animal cruelty that made it into Mr. Nanny.

There’s nothing worse than taking your dog out for his morning ‘ocean throwing’ and winding up an internet sensation. If throwing dogs into the ocean is wrong, then this guy doesn’t want to be right.


20. The tables are turned in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

When the filmer becomes the filmed it leads to a very unfortunate movie making experience. This is even more true when the camera crew is left in the final cut.


21. The lazy jogger in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Not only did this extra fail in her role, but she did it with style. After her archery teacher takes an arrow to his waste maker, she turns around with all the intensity of a slug and shuffles away to get help. Let’s take a moment to marvel at the skill needed to run that poorly.