21 Fantastic Gym Fails From People Who Clearly Don’t Even Lift, Bro

Personal fitness and wellbeing are very important. So is making sure you’re looking good. The shallow element has seemingly played a very prominent role in the increase in popularity of “getting swole”. As a result of this shallowness, making gains can be tricky because the gym can be an intimating place at times.

There is always a collective group of healthy, fit looking people that are essentially the definition of sex that don’t actually work out. Seriously, it’s a contradiction in terms, how do they look so good even though they do so little work? All the while the everyday folk, worthless peons, are just profusely sweating looking like the hot messes they truly are. So to make your next trip to the gym a little easier, we’ve compiled a selection of gym fails that will make anyone feel like an expert next time they rock up to the gym.


1. Bros before hoes, bro.


2. Not only is this attempted workout tragic, that Kill Bill tribute outfit should be burned.


3. “I’m telling you bro, this will get you shredded. That’s a dumbbell you’re feeling in the glutes, I swear.”

4. While this is seriously impressive, it makes little to no sense.


5. No. Just no.


6. Keep reaching for that rainbow.

7. “I’m just gonna take a nap right here.”


8. Rod Stewart tribute acts need to get stage ready, they just rarely know what to do or how to do it.


9. Stretching is important, that’s why foam rollers are available in most gyms. This is not a foam roller.

10. Personal trainers are beasts. It takes so much hard work and effort to be a PT, that online course can be tricky.

There are some excellent PTs out there, of course, but they aren’t funny.


11. Don’t do drugs kids.


12. The guy sitting on the leg press looks like a bit like Keegan-Michael Peele, let’s hope it’s a skit for a new season of Key & Peele.

13. Thankfully, there is only this ‘before’ picture.


14. Even if he does, he certainly isn’t doing it right.


15. The first and only time that treadmill was used.

16. What is going on here? Seriously, there is no explanation for this whatsoever. Pairing those sneakers with a grey hoodie and grey shorts? C’mon man!


17. Sexual frustration can be a horrible thing.


18. Just step away from the machine sir.

19. Surely his friends Photoshopped this? He had to have been taking his morning poop in his pjs and they ‘shopped into a gym meme.


20. Bouncing weights off that belly will get you nowhere.


21. Seann William Scott, showing how it’s not done.