21 DIY Disasters That Will Result In Death

Why pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars on those expensive luxuries in life. Why not do-it-yourself? THESE PICTURES ARE WHY. These people are utterly insane and if they didn’t die one minute after these photos were taken then they are the luckiest people around. Do not do it yourself. Always. always throw money at the problem.


1. Hot Tubs – Slowly boil to death for a tenth of the price.


2. Sausages: Pre-cooked (They better be).


3. Beer handle – For those who need their palm to be free.

4. Xbox – Best door stopper you’ll ever have.


5. Chair boat – For those times you want to float for five seconds.


6. Shaver – You only need the head.

7. Chain handle – Ain’t nobody got time to get that replaced.


8. What even is this?


9. Paper clip – For when you break your zipper.

10. Wire hangers – Not just for clothes.


11. Ohhh this person is unnecessarily lazy.


12. Stamps – Do they even still exist?

13. Toilet hoop – The only time men won’t miss.


14. Bacon cooker – Cook one strip at a time. Also…burn down your house a little bit.


15. Grill in the pool – Death is imminent.

16. Scooter bike – Knock those unwanted front teeth out in one ride.


17. Duct tape – Fixing cracks for over 80 years.


18. The original iPhone.

Wait…only 512MBs? That won’t hold 256 photos of your cat?

19. Xbox handle – X to break, Y to change gear.


20. At home sofa grand stand.

Because being in a public grand stand gives you social anxiety.

21. Iron/carpet/shoe – The only stove you will ever need.