21 Cheaters Who Got Exactly What They Deserved – A Public Shaming!

1. Oooh, that hurts.


2. Two women? Oh Linnie…


3. You take away the trust, she’ll take your season tickets.

4. He got what he deserved – a bucket of poop.


5. That’s harsh.


6. Was it worth it?

7. The cheater’s scavenger hunt


8. Bye Dave!


9. Good job Davey boy!

10. Hope the cost of that banner came from his account!


11. Now THAT is revenge.

Cheaters EMGN11


12. Adulterers need not apply.

13. It’s not the ideal boat paint job.


14. Now everyone knows…


15. Post-It notes. Classic.

16. Tell us how you really feel.


17. So the whole neighborhood knows!


18. You’re stuck with him now Jessica!

19. He’s going to have a hard time pulling chicks with that ride.


20. In front of everyone…


21. Attention Radiohead lovers! Help with revenge needed.


And… you’ll get to meet Aaron Paul!