21 Brilliantly Designed Tattoos That Teach Us Some Beautiful Life Lessons

Tattoos often tell a story, represent a special moment, person, thought or feeling in someone’s life. They can be extremely personal and poetic. These 21 tattoos all stand up in the face of adversity just to make you smile.


1. Always think out-of-the-box…Be creative!


2. You hold the key to your own success!


3. Be thankful for what you have!

4. The only maths equation that counts in the end…


5. In time, scars heal…


6. Sometimes you need to join the dots to get the bigger picture!

7. Smile always!


8. Stay paw-some!


9. Love, Laugh and Live!

10. You’re stronger than you think!


11. Music – a beautiful escape!


12. Make the best out of a bad situation!

13. Never rush into things!


14. What you give, is what you get…So be kind!


15. Don’t ever feed your self-doubt!

16. Be strong, hold on!


17. Be a voice for others and for yourself!


18. Know your self-worth!

19. These are meant to be kept and treasured!


20. You’re one-of-a-kind!


21. Keep moving forward!