21 Brilliant Pup Pleasing DIY Projects

Who doesn’t love looking after their four-legged friends? These great DIY projects are affordable alternatives to the options in your local pet store.


1. Your dog can ride in style and you can keep your backseat clean without spending major bucks with this simple cover


2. Make the trip easier to bed for your dog, and maybe you, with this ramp.


3. Dogs are known to struggle with the heat, so help them out this summer with this water bottle.

4. If you have a little princess for a puppy, she’ll love this hoop canopy


5. No one likes little puppies destroying couch furniture. Give them their little pouf with this design.


6. Keep fleas away with this powder recipe

7. For allergy related itching, this aromatherapy option should help.


8. Help them keep their dental care strong between brushes with these mouthwash recipes.

9. Improve their diet with a pup-friendly herb garden.

10. Keep the soles of their feet protected with this organic paw balm.


11. Bake them up some healthy, tasty sweet potato treats.


12. For the entitled, snooty pups, how about this mutt loaf to whet their appetites.

13. For some treats to keep them going, try these oat and apple pretzel treats.


14. This super-trendy dog collar can be fashioned from an old belt.


15. For those big strong dogs, walking will be easier with these ultra-sturdy paracord leashes.

16. Kong toys are always something for dogs to play with, make your own rope version at home


17. Need a new bed for your dog? This old tire version is a great cheap option.


18. Make, or sew these great little toys for your little pups.

19. Make your dog eternal by painting a crazy-simple canvas.


20. Or for the artistically challenged among us, there is this more minimalist paw portrait project.


21. So you always have them with you, try this Shrinky Dink necklace.