21 Adults Who Haven’t Matured At All Since Childhood

Proof that some people never change, here are 21 adults who started out as children and basically stayed that way.


1. Double denim never grows old. It’s evergreen.


2. Clocked.


3. The mom somehow got hotter. The dad got older. And the son…?

4. Don’t.


5. Old young habits die hard.


6. Blondie sho’ got hairy.

7. Can’t fill that water level up so high these days, huh?!


8. 14 years! They’re winning this round against time.


9. This photo makes moms around America go straight for their wine.

10. Still rockin’ them lids.


11. This guy is clearly a self-conscious man.


12. Good looking brood, right?!

13. Perfect expressions!


14. Where did they buy those suits! ‘Two’ funny.


15. Pretty much the way it goes.

16. Literally just Photoshop a beard on the kid on the left.


17. That smarmy smile on red-panted girl!


18. You don’t want to see a time lapse of how much these girls aged their poor fathers.

19. Life is still scary.


20. This dad is AMAZING.


21. That’s life, folks.