20 Ways Eating Bananas Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

Bananas are the tastiest super food. There are so many ways bananas can improve your life, because nature decided that this small yellow fruit should be pumped full of all the good stuff your body needs. Here are 16 reasons why you should start adding bananas to your diet immediately.


1. Bananas help to keep the sadness away. The fruit contains tryptophan which increases brain power and calms nerves. It can even battle depression.


2. Forget pre-workout. Two bananas before your workout will provide you with enough slow-release energy to keep you going.


3. Bananas contain that sweet, sweet calcium which improves bone strength.

4. The super fruit also reduces the likelihood of suffering from muscle and menstrual cramps.


5. Consuming bananas on the regular, reduces your chances of getting diabetes. The fruit is high in vitamin B, which helps with white blood cell production.


6. They are a great source of Iron.

7. Studies have shown that the fruit can lower blood pressure.


8. They are packed with pectin which aids in the digestion process.


9. Eating bananas will aid in the growth of good gut bacteria.

10. Say goodbye to constipation with a good dose of banana.


11. It’s a life saver if you have heartburn, acid reflux or GERD because the fruit acts as a natural antacid.


12. It’s the only food we know of that combats the pain of stomach ulcers.

13. Tryptophan helps relieve Seasonal Affective disorder.


14. Eating bananas can help you curb your smoking withdrawals, because they contain the vitamins potassium and magnesium.


15. Even if you have a fever, bananas can help regulate your body temperature.

16. Eating bananas before a meal helps to stop binge eating because it stabilizes blood sugar levels.


17. Bananas can prevent asthma in kids.


18. They’re the ultimate brain food.

19. Bananas are high in manganese, which can jump start your metabolism.


20. Bananas can soothe morning sickness.