20 Unbelievable Military Photos Timed With Absolute Perfection!

1. See ya!


2. Celebrations on land and in the skies


3. A gravity-free moment

4. 3, 2, 1, fire! Literally.


5. Perspective is terrifying


6. Hopefully this was taken with an automatic camera

7. Washing the smile off his face


8. This is the special breed of military dogs – and they can fly!


9. A proper send off

10. Like tiny, dirty UFOs


11. Beating the dirt out of everything


12. It’s not often you see that…

13. Just winging it!


14. Quadruple vision


15. Thar she blows!

16. You’d be glad you’re in the air!


17. The underside of the beast


18. The aftermath


19. He got out just in time…


20. …To avoid this.