20 Tweets About The Annoyances Of Adulting

The idea of adulthood used to be filled with dreams of staying up late, eating ice cream and driving through the McDonalds drive through at 12 o’clock at night. What people neglected to tell you was that there would be taxes, work, endless hangovers, more work, separating your whites from your colors and then some more work. The adult life is tough and these 20 tweets perfectly explain the struggle.


1. No one is leading you in the right direction, no one!


2. We need guidance.



3. Most of your paycheck will go to Uncle Sam and your $40,000 student loan.

4. You peaked at 18-years-old sweetie…this is as good as it gets.


5. Nope, not doing it.


6. “Being a teenager – that’s a paddlin’.”

7. The decision almost always ends up being the first one.


8. They need to teach the importance of metabolism in schools.


9. Wait…what? *Ohh good God what have I done*

10. Coffee will get you through the day for at least 40-years.


11. Pizza for $5 that will last until next Tuesday or $250 on vegetables that will rot in two days?


12. It happens once or twice every two weeks.

13. “…dammit woman, just tell me how long? “


14. The answer is yes, but you can’t afford the hospital bill so don’t worry about it.


15. Alcohol: The cause of and answer to all of life’s problems.

16. Refer to #15.


17. “Moooooom, MEATLOAF”.


18. Haha everything is fine *reading an instruction manual on how to tie a noose*.

19. Trapped in a fold up chair of emotion.


20. This is the ultimate level of maturity. When you have reached this level, everything else can be dealt with.