20 Toys You Begged Your Parents For In The 90s

Let’s face it: ’90s toys were the sh*t! We wanted all of it and we wanted all of it now! Robot dog, see through telephone, easy bake oven… We begged and begged our parents for everything, but we usually only ended up with a Tamagotchi.


1. Poo-chi the robot dog.


2. Jurassic Park T-Rex with removable wound and “deadly slashing jaws”.


3. See-through phone as seen on 7th Heaven.

4. HitClips.


5. Sports car VHS rewinder.


6. Sneaker with moving goo.

7. Skip protection is the biggest lie you’ve ever been told.


8. Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters.


9. These miniature video games.


10. Robie Junior.


11. An easy bake oven.


12. Original Bop-It. The one with the additional wheel a flicky thing was too much. They should have quit while they were ahead.

13. Nearly all ’90s kids had a Tamagotchi. Nearly all ’90s kids lost it to the teacher after feeding their Tamagotchi in class.


14. The Nickelodeon Time Blaster alarm clock.


15. Furby’s were super cute, until they woke you up in the middle of the night because they were hungry.

16. Street Sharks action figures.


17. A Talkboy – and yes, everything about this was deluxe.


18. There is no one in the world who didn’t own one of these.

19. The Malibu Barbie dreamhouse.


20. The Clueless handsfree phone.