20 Times We Realised That Our Favourite Celebs Can Be Awkward Too

1. When Rihanna fake-smiled with this guy…

2. And when she didn’t need to fake anything with this girl.

3. When Bieber got seriously inappropriate with his fan…

4. …and when Khloe Kardashian got attacked by hers.

5. When One Direction were forced to meet these Directioners, and force their enthusiasm.

6. When Hugh Grant looked more like he was posing for a vampire movie than meeting a fan.

7. When Tim Tebow stuck in there and took one of the most awkwardly awesome fan photos ever!

8. When Demi Lovato was forced to join Rihanna and Bieber, and do some groping.

9. When this guy decided taking a surprise selfie with Kanye was a good idea.

10. When Lady Gaga met some of her Little Monsters, and was not impressed.

11. When Russell Brand read the signals wrong.

12. When this guy went to new levels of closeness with Sir Patrick Stewart.

13. When Paris Hilton just wanted this moment to be over…

14. …and when Nicky Minaj got stuck in an awkward sandwich.

15. When the Hulk Hogan-James Blunt combo just didn’t work.

16. That time Kim Kardashian couldn’t quite get a full smile going for this fan.

17. When this fan got as close to Bieber as possible…

18. And when Avril’s fan got really, really far away.

19. When Britney got famous for her super-awkward fan photos.

20. And time that Robin Thicke forgot he was standing in front of a mirror.