20 Times Celebrity Wardrobe Choices Came Back To Bite Them Hard

It’s just a fact of life that wherever celebrities go, paparazzi will follow. These days fashion decisions get riskier, wardrobe malfunctions become more regular and the paparazzi are always there to capture it when it happens.


1. Laura Govan lost a bit too much weight for this dress. She slipped in then slipped right back out again.


2. Chrisy Teigen rocking out the side boob and apparently doing a no pants dance as she crosses the street.


3. Adrienne Bailon’s dress  certainly bailed on her as it exposed her private parts to the world.

4. Anne Hathaway proves that celebs will never learn to keep their nickers on when exiting vehicles.


5. Jennifer will be garnering mass attention with this wardrobe mishap.


6. When double-sided tape decides to malfunction the result is Christina Milian’s nip slip.

7. No real surprises here. Who hasn’t seen Pamela Anderson’s boobs?


8. They claimed this was a wardrobe malfunction but this mishap coincided with the final song lyric which was “I’ll have you naked by the end of this song”.  Smooth one guys.


9. Looks like Jennifer Aniston decided to let the ladies loose and probably declare to the world that it was “no bra day.”

10. There has got to be something pretty horrifying about Julianne Hough’s nipples that they censored that and not Janet’s dancing brass nipple.


11. I see nothing wrong with this, Khloe just wanted to give her girls a bit of fresh air.


12. Wow Kim, just wow. That is one large badonkadonk.

13. This proves the old adage that sometimes less is more, a lot more!


14. Clearly that is no mishap. Complete with hippie tattoo, Lady Gaga is saying, these are my boobs, I am in touch with nature, deal with it.


15. What do you do when you don’t want people to see your bra strap? Don’t wear one of course, Selena has spoken.

16. She’s just being Miley.


17. Not sure this is so much of a mishap, more of a flash and dash from Miranda Kerr.


18. That Super Bass has been wreaking havoc on Nicki Minaj’s clothing.

19. Phoebe Price was almost leaving nothing to the imagination in this dress.


20. Pretty sure this is just a normal Thursday for Rihanna.