20 Times Beyonce Made Horrific Fashion Mistakes But Still Rocked It Like A Superstar

1. When she decided she wanted to look like a bedazzled cowboy, and still looked better than 99.9% of people.


2. When she combined a brown bear, Cinderella, and a 17-year-old’s prom dress into one satin fashion phenomenon.


3. When she decided a camo mini-dress was the right choice for a night out, and no one disagreed with her.


4. When she wore a bag made out of lots of other bags, and proved that more really is more.


5. When she rocked corn rows, and we all tried it and realised that we can’t rock corn rows.


6. When she turned up to TRL wearing denim on denim just like Jay-Z, and they fell in love.


7. When she wore boyfriend jeans way before it was cool.


8. When she proved that a yellow lace tablecloth DOES look awesome awesome as a top.


9. When she tried to look menacing, but actually just looked like a babe.


10. When she chose not to show off her midriff because she wanted to look classy. Good choice Bey.


11. When she forgot to button up her top, and the plunging neckline was invented.


12. When she wore yellow-green glitter jeans and we all wished we had some.

13. When she proved it was possible to wear yellow tinted sunglasses and look both smart and sexy.


14. When she wore a cloud as a top and it totally worked.


15. Because the cloud was such a success she tried a butterfly, and that worked too.

16. When she looked like a fur-trimmed seal and it was awesome.

17. When she wore a chain belt with her jumpsuit pants it totally brought out her eyes.


18. When she wore a sparkly headband that matched her belt, and were pleasantly surprised.


19. When she realised that her corn rows matched her denim jacket perfectly.


20. And when she reminded us that no one messes with Beyonce.