20 Times Tumblr Dropped Some Disney Truth Bombs

The next time you watch your favorite childhood Disney movie, you will be surprised at the subtle messages in them that you were definitely not meant to understand as children. Some of these facts are dirty, some are interesting, but all of them are made better by the Tumblr chat that followed.


1. Broke at the brothel.



2. The grace of John Smith.


3. George and Jeb Bush?


4. Don’t bother with school.


5. Ha, the jealousy.


6. Pocahontas was first y’all.


7. So many characters were actually high.


8. Mind is hilariously blown.


9. Ariel, that is so not chic girl.

10. A Disney how-to.


11. Pants and bras hold it all together.


12. “She’s touching me…ahhh you’re touching me.”

13. Finally, the correct use of the word “literally”.


14. When translations give away too much.


15. This is Garbage.

16. Beware of the lime light.


17. The reality of Prince Charming.


18. Subtle penis joke.

19. When we have kids they will ask us to sing them a bedtime song…”I’ve been drinking…I’ve been drinking”.


20. Flaming mo.