20 Things That You Can Never Un-See!

1. Tom Cruise’s crazy dentistry.


2. There IS an ‘I’ in team!


3. Mitt Romney is The Mayor of Whoville!

4. When you flip the Chicago Bulls mascot upside down, the nose looks like robot reading!


5. Emma Watson is pretty much Richard Dawkins in a wig.


6. Twins!

7. The ESPN N is Boba Fett!


8. This is so true, and will ruin bodybuilders for you forever!


9. The Big Worm, or a rapper?

10. There’s no un-seeing this one!


11. They would be identical twins!


12. The FedEx log has an arrow in it!

13. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker might be friends after all.


14. Finally, it all makes sense!


15. Bring back Simon!

16. Thanks internet, you’ve ruined Katy Perry forever.


17. Star Trek and Die Hard and more in common than we thought.


18. That’s an interesting design…


19. The original Twitter logo isn’t as original as we thought.


20. Umm… what?