20 Signs That Signal The Downfall Of Humanity

Life is confusing enough without our directions signaling the coming apocalypse.


1. “What if I have an exit emergency?”


2. You’re going to need another inhaler.


3. This day just keeps getting better.

4. If the internet ever had to organize an emergency response.


5. A lesson to live by.


6. Hot dads everywhere thank you.

7. FAP with care: friction may cause fire hazard.


8. You can’t put your finger on it, but you’re pretty sure this is racist.


9. Fire the milk maid and onion dip all over that dust bin super hero.

10. Nailed it!


11. How to explode a washing machine.


12. …But the machine told me to do it!

13. You can really taste the relaxation.


14. Make her sing.


15. Best police sting ever.

16. How to play Sexual Healing.


17. Gently stroke it into place.


18. When the girl you like is giving you mixed signals.

19. If you’re going to do it, you might as well be safe about it.


20. That is one strict town.