20 Seriously Amateur DIY Fixes That Might Just Work

1. Pringles cans are probably the best thing ever happening to engineering


2. Don’t like those old boots? Use them to plug a hole in the road


3. Now THAT is a shower.

4. Q tips fix everything.


5. Headlight, flashlight, same thing.


6. If it works, it works.

7. Duct tape can hold anything together. Anything.


8. Yeah, that’ll work.


9. How to make a break light.

10. The “coolest” car in town.


11. If it breaks, wrap a belt around it.


12. Mailbox. Why not?

13. It’s all about sharpies.


14. Tin foil and toilet tank covers are pretty much the same thing.


15. He could make a lot of money off this idea.

16. If it’s a mirror on the wing of a car, it’s a wing mirror.


17. If it’s a lamp on a wall, it’s a wall lamp.


18. DIY speakers.


19. You can take ‘ruler’ off the stationary list


20. That eve is on its last legs. Get it?