20 Reasons You Should Always Hire A Designer

A good designer is worth their weight in gold. When they do their job right you never even think about it, but when they don’t you end up with a bathroom sink that looks like it’s covered in sh*t. Don’t be like these guys, just hire a designer.


1. Way too cool to do drugs!

But not to think of poor design consequences.


2. Say hello to your new strawberry-scented minion shampoo. Say hello to endless nightmares!


3. Sometimes, word placement does matter.

4. Which way you go in will determine your future.


5. The fall of the wall has not yet occurred.


6. “Sweetheart, let’s take the elevator.”

7. Good morning…?


8. Golfing 2.0.


9. Never use when drunk.

10. News: “Local wedding had to be cancelled as bride and groom decided to hang themselves.”


11. Jump!


12. When you see it…

13. Very unhappy with her recent nose job, Cinderella had to save up money for another one.


14. What? Why?


15. The ONE design you told him not to get for the bathroom.

16. Please stay in the bike lane and then… good luck!


17. When you notice that travelling is not one of your designer’s hobbies.


18. Come in – if you can.

19. The work of a genius.


20. After a drunk night on board, things seemed to have changed.


21. Depressed-designer-syndrome.


22. That probably couldn’t have gone worse…