20 Real Struggles For Girls With Big Booties

No squats required – some girls are just born with a big booty. However, while having big buns may sound great to women trying to achieve bootyliciousness, there are some struggles only huns with buns understand.


1. The permanent wedgie.

Seriously, booty shorts are the devil.


2. “One size fits all” is the biggest lie ever told.


3. You want to share this seat?

Sorry, my butt doesn’t share.

4. This is actual booty prison.

There is no sexy way to climb out of this construction from hell.


5. The struggle is real.


6. The opposite sex seems to have an obsession with it, though.

7. The endless search for a pair of jeans that fit…everywhere.


8. There is no comfortable way to ride a bike.

If you think booty is extra cushioning, you’re wrong.


9. Everyone assumes you can twerk.

10. Barstools are your number one enemy.


11. Swings are no fun at all.


12. Knocking stuff over with your behind.

Common occurrence.

13. It gets trapped in everything.


14. Your underpants always show. Always!


15. Running up the stairs with someone walking behind you is a nightmare.

“No, really, please, after you.”

16. Butt dialling.


17. However, there are upsides to the booty. For pets, for example, the booty makes an excellent pillow.


18. When you whine too much about your butt, people tend to remind you it’s actually a great¬†asset…

Booty owners have been known to be millionaires.

19. …And you hear this at least once a day.


20. But oh, the struggle of buying tights.

Every two weeks or so.