20 Post-Breakup Situations Everyone Can Relate To

We’ve all been there: The relationship seemed like a good idea at the time – until it all went downhill and you had to leave it behind for good. Breaking up doesn’t necessarily mean moving on. Social media will keep you updated about every single one of your exes’ moves and, for some reason, every little thing will remind you of them.


1. All trash, but cute trash.


2. Word.


3. Haha. Hahaha… yeah, ok.

4. Every little thing reminds you of them.

emgn breakups pic 4


5. Fortunately, you have very understanding friends…


6. …who are just as curious as you.

7. You just can’t help it.


8. Hell yeah, good times.


9. The first time is the hardest…

10. … but all the other times are not significantly different.


11. Living in the same town with your ex sucks…


12. …especially when you have super protective friends.

13. However, you’ll get used to it.


14. The one time you’d wish your ex was around.


15. Then there are those times your ex tries to contact you again…

16. …and it’s freaking hard not to reply.


17. Keeping them out of your life can be rough…


18. …but it’s worth it.

19. Just be honest with yourself…


20.  …and you’ll realize that you’re better off without them.