20 Photos That Prove Birds Are Real Jerks

You thought cats were dicks? They’re pretty much just deeply misunderstood creatures. The real jerks in the animal world are birds, and they give no sh*ts about it either. Now that you’re thinking about it, you’ve probably had a few very unlucky encounters with these feathered little monsters, right? Well, they’re still out to get you. They’ve been waiting in the shadows all along.


1. “Sharing? Are you insane?!”


2. “Oh look, a PUDDLE!”


3. “Go away, I’m not done yet.”

4. Challenge accepted.


5. He’s totally fine with it, too.


6. Just another depressed wallaby day.

7. “Ice-cream for everyone… uhm, meeee!”


8. “Fly turtle, fly.”


9. “Let’s see how deep I can go…”

10. “Gosh, you’re slow.”


11. “Cuddles, you say? I give you cuddles, you entitled little…”


12. “Oh thanks, Sir, I’m delighted to have some… all of it.”

13. Torpedo bird’s doing what torpedo birds do.


14. Slide tackles, the best way to piss off your buddies.


15. “Just so you won’t forget me… ever again.”

16. This parking space is taken.


17. They couldn’t help it, so they had to build another door.


18. “Gotcha!”

19. The lunch room is just not what it used to be.


20. “Moooooom!”