20 Of The Worse DIY Disney Cakes Disasters

If you are not a cake decorating genius, please let these amateur attempts at cake deter you from the desire to DIY. Throw money at the problem people…otherwise you will disappoint the hell out of your kids just like these 20 soulless parents.


1. A wrecking ball needs to hit this cake in the face.


2. We think this is the Jonas Brothers but only because they look like they haven’t been laid.


3. Ohh no no no…

4. Mickey wants to eat you.


5. Who knew Prince Charming and Cinderella were the original Bonny and Clyde?


6. Ms Piggy?

7. Minnie is disappointed in your achievements.


8. Frozen blue meth.


9. Ariel seems to melt out of water.

10. The Exorcism of Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana.


11. Who wanted a cake of a car crash?


12. It’s not bad…but it’s not great.

13. This is a true depiction of when Olaf melts in the film.


14.  Ariel or the clown off It?


15. More beast than beauty.

16. Face is OK but this hand situation is weird.


17. It looks like a very sick cat thought that this was her litter box.


18. She needs some fairy dust immediately.

19. Girl has been eating some cake.


20. Ariel has been burnt in a terrible, terrible fire.