20 Of The Most Embarrassing Spelling Mistakes That Have Ever Happened

1. Some greasy honesty from KFC


2. Is one of them that they teach great proofreading skills?


3. Hope the teacher didn’t have to explain this one in too much detail.

4. I guess the F and the T key are just too close together…


5. Wrapped. Learn it, please!


6. Mmmmm, wangs.

7. Daylight savings just got a little more interesting…


8. Urgh, no thanks!


9. Go Vikings!

10. Well that just devalued the couch.

11. No thanks, Colonel.

12. If you’re not a private customer, you are by definition a reptile.

13. The king of nap time is here!


14. A pool room flooded with hoes? Sounds like a good time!


15. If you don’t fit people with halloween costumes, you can’t pee.

16. They’re shooting dirty movies, but they didn’t mean to.


17. And you still love him?


18. You can get lots of LOLs from a new external hard drive.


19. I think you mean Batcave.


20. Fried crap? At a fast food restaurant? Seems about right.