20 Of The Most Gut-Busting, Gorgeous and FUGLY Doggy Hair Styles. Why?

1. Topknot. It’s hard to tell if this little guy is pleading to be rid of it, or just turning up the cute eyes.


2. Milky.


3. Curly cutie (and that shade she’s throwing!)

4. Snookums.


5. What a mohawk!


6. The innocence of this double ponytail!

7. Beautiful, but ah…kinda gremlin-like.


8. Fierce! Expect this wonderful little thing to start vogue-ing any minute.


9. Fashionisto. But a deep thinker as well.


10. Rasta pup.


11. Wow – straight up gorgeous.


12. A bob AND a braid. Diva!


13. Rocking the Rachael hair. And, judging from those eyes, this little thang feels Jen’s pain. Steal Brad back, those eyes are saying.


14. Yeah. Hilarious(ly terrifying)


15. So schmancy. Ready for a fundraiser.

16. The Donatella Versace.


17. Cornrows, side-braid, bow, and a stylized beard. WHo know something could be so hairy and yet so cute.


18. What the…

19. Straight out of The Office. Or Workaholics.


20. YOLO.