20 Of The Internet’s Best ‘Yo Mama’ Burns – So Good!

If you’re ever in doubt as to what joke to make next, the right answer is always a “yo mama” joke, because they’re just the ultimate comeback. It’s fail proof and super offensive, a perfect combination. Fair enough, no one’s mom really deserves it. Except maybe for Mama June. She definitely deserves it.


1. Oooh, you just got Harry Pottered bad.


2. Subtle, but effective.


3. A joke within a joke.

4. Yo, even the lion’s got it out for your mom.


5. Better not have been Making a Murderer.


6. To be honest, NASA, you had it coming.

7. Your mom is a professional ugly person.


8. Ohhh… Not the titties.


9. Need some aloe vera for that burn?

10. That’s pretty fat indeed.


11. Get it? ‘Cause she’s a ho.


12. Your mom Wall Street jokes are offensive on a different level.

13. Karl Marx just burned your mother.


14. Being offensive without being offensive is the most offensive.


15. Get it? It’s a vagina joke.

16. How many people actually call that number as a joke?


17. This is ridiculous, no one is this fat.


18. They should make this into a bumper sticker.

19. If Ned Stark is offending your mom, she probably deserves it.


20. “Hahahaha – I don’t get it.”