20 Lamebrains Who Thought It Was A Good Idea To Tattoo Their Faces

1. I(ce) scream for you sir.


2. “Ladies Love It” – Suuuure they do.


3. He must have a interesting family.

4. No mercy! What a bad ass…


5. Sweet & Sour will never be the same.


6. You do only live once but that’s no reason to tatoo your face.

7. Um?


8. “Look ma, my face matches the wall!”


9. Never get drunk with pixies…

10. Do you think Monster will approve?


11. As an artist, you have made it when a fan does this.


12. “This boy is on fire!” doesn’t have the same ring…

13. West is best.


14. He partied too had with Kiss…


15. The little one doesn’t look happy…

16. A true patriot…


17. This one is just beyond bizarre!


18. Do you think he’s trying to say something?

19. “I really want a face on my face” o.O)


20. He looks stoked with his lot.