20 Insects That Are Perfectly Edible

Only in the most desperate times should you attempt to eat these insects and bugs. However, if you are in a Bear Grills survival situation, you can eat these bugs and not die, but you may still die later from the sheer horror when you remember what you have consumed.


1. Fried Hornworms.

The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook author David George Gordon, recommends frying a handful of Hornworms for a light snack. They are reminiscent of green tomatoes, shrimp and crab all mixed together.  They should have named the movie “Fried Green Hornworms” starring Kathy Bates.


2. Eggs and Dragonflies.

In Indonesia they drip dragon flies in egg, then boil them in coconut oil. To encapsulate the flavor they then fry them.


3. Chocolate chip crickets.

Batter, chocolate chips….oh we have run out of nuts? No matter, we will just go in the backyard and gather some crickets. Apparently when cooked, crickets resemble the taste of nuts but we suspect you won’t be a fan of deez nutz.

4. Sago grubs.

“Yes, could I get the eggs on rye, mushrooms, and a side of sago grubs”. The taste of the grub when cooked is compared to bacon. They are probably not kosher either.


5. It tastes waspy.

A wasp can bee sauteed, fried or soaked in chili dip. However you choose to eat this fine delicacy is up to you.


6. Waterbug on Udon.

Shoichi Uchiama, author of Fun Insect Cooking, explains the allure of the waterbug on udon noodles. Uchiama believes that one day insects could be the answer for a shortage of food. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that…

7. Tofu Grasshopper.

Black, green and brown grasshoppers can be eaten without fear. Just ask David Greener, who has survived only on eating grasshoppers since 2001. He describes the taste as a cross between chicken, shrimp and croutons. Yeesh.


8. Lice.

It may have been a very long time ago – 2,500 years to be exact – but in mummified human excrement scientists found traces of lice. It makes sense, monkeys pick lice out of their hair and eat them.


9. A plague of locusts.

So at least we know when the locusts have covered the land and eaten the remaining vegetation, humans can then eat the locusts. Mwahaha, revenge is a dish best served with locusts.

10. Fly babies.

You may be surprised to learn that the paupa of the common house fly can be eaten. It has similar acids to that of fish oil. We choose the fish oil though, always choose the fish oil.


11. Cockroaches cooked but not raw.

If you are going to consume a cockroach, and we presume you will, then it must be cooked. They will make you incredibly sick if they are eaten raw, but fry them up and they taste like chicken. Delicious.


12. “Hide thee deadly black tarantula…”

It’s one thing to sing about the deadly tarantulas in Beetlejuice, however the suggestion of eating said tarantula is another story. If you find yourself in Cambodia without a scrap of food, you will not die from eating spiders. Yet, statistics show that people are more afraid of spiders than death. Hmmm, tricky, very tricky.

13. Cicadas.

In little old Nashville, residents will often cook cicadas in tempura batter, butter and garlic. Can they not just deep fry a chocolate bar?


14. Pillbugs, rolled not straight.

In England and parts of Europe, the Pillbug, or often referred to as land shrimp, can be a tasty treat.  Don’t get the Pillbugs confused though, only the ones that roll themselves into a ball are truly scrumptious. The other ones are foul.


15. Katydids.

To make an authentic Thai meal, stuff Katydids, seasoning and green onion in a mushroom. Voilà.

16. Miscoto eggs.

Tortilla, fried beans and eggs are are common breakfast in Mexico. If you are wanting a little variation with your brunch choice, add some dried mosquito eggs. They will set you back a pesos or two, they can be priced up to $50 dollars for a small jar.


17. Moth worm.

The moth worm is one of the most common insects that Taiwanese people eat on a regular basis. You can cook them any way possible, but watch out if you eat them raw, they can cause you to hallucinate.


18. Silkworm chrysalis.

Silkworm chrysalis can be cooked on a BBQ on a stick. Its yellow meat is normally the tastiest part of the bug and is often sold by street vendors.

19. Termite problem.

In accent African religions, the termite is consumed because of their amino acids.


20. Scorpion.

Although we are petrified to face a scorpion, when it is cooked in extreme heat, their poisonous sting loses its fatal power and becomes edible. Yea, good luck with that.