20 Insane Objects Found Lodged In Peoples’ Bums

These X-ray images of objects people shoved up their rectum are not for the squeamish. An embarrassing trip to the emergency room was the least of these peoples’ problems and some of these 20 items are so strange you will have real trouble figuring out any reason someone would need to stick them where the sun don’t shine.


1. You’re carrying a concealed weapon.


2. Buzz Lightyear should’ve stopped at infinity.


3. “A record exec told me to shove my mixed tape up my ass”.

4. That’s not what they meant by a butt plug.


5. He’s just getting into the festive season.


6. Now, that man is a shell of his former self.

7. That is one cool colon.


8. For some people getting an idea can be horrifying.


9.  He claims it’s an alien probe.

10. There’s a lot of storage space up there.


11. This image is not for the faint of heart.


12. You can see the series of events that led to this vibrator and pair of tongs getting stuck up someone’s rectum.

13. “You have the key to my colon.”


14. This guy was trying to redesign his interior with a can of spray paint.


15. Peanut butter is an essential travel item.

16. Prison can be rough, sometime you need to protect yourself.


17. This toy car definitely went off road.


18. Booty call.

19. This guy is a total baller.


20. The logistics involved with getting this jar up your butt are astounding.