20 Incredibly Odd Moments That Were Thankfully Captured

Thank goodness someone had a camera during these moments of pure weirdness. If they weren’t captured, no one would have any material to make memes out of. Take a look at these 20 photos that are completely random but hilarious.


1. So this photo wasn’t even planned, a diver just stumbled upon it.


2. “Ain’t nobody got time for this, I’m snoozing.”


3. “But if you’re thinking about my baby, it don’t matter if you’re black or white.”


4. Stephen Hawking at a bachelor party.


5. President Putin taking notes. Very, very, important notes.


6. Yep, a fox chillin’ on a car.


7. “Trapped in a glass case of emotion.”


8. Haha that one wearing a Penguin Books jersey.


9. This possum broke into an Australian bakery and gorged himself silly.


10. Twinning it with strangers.


11. A Shanghai movie theater used a fan Photoshopped image to promote the movie by mistake.


12. Cut, copy and paste.


13. New old friends.


14. He just kept saying “I’m Batman” the whole time.


15. LAPD officers pose as woman to catch purse thiefs in 1960.


16. Why would anyone suspend this account? Bagel chat is the best chat.


17. Ohhh for the love of Shrek.


18. Soo much potassium.


19. This gardener found a lost wedding ring, 16-years after the garden was planted.


20. “Ohhh um you just have a little something on your antler. It’s orange. Here, wait, I’ll get it.”