20 Incredibly Beautiful Outdoor Pianos From Around The World

Artist Luke Jarram wanted to encourage spontaneous interaction between strangers, so he placed 15 brightly coloured pianos in public spaces in Birmingham, UK in 2008. The movement has since exploded, and now over 1000 pianos exist in 37 cities¬†all over the world, decorated with the simple inscription “Play me, I’m yours”.


1. Cobourg, Canada


2. Toronoto, Canada


3. Cobourg, Canada

4. Kiev, Ukraine (on a barricade in front of riot police)


5. Denver, USA


6. Toronto, Canada

7. Denver, USA


8. Toronto, Canada


9. Melbourne, Australia

10. Boston, USA


11. New York, USA


12. Boston, USA

13. Sofia, Bulgaria


14. Toronto, Canada


15. Toronto, Canada

16. Denver, USA


17. Denver, USA


18. Colorado, USA


19. Denver, USA


20. Denver, USA