20 Hyper-Real Sci-Fi Scenes Recreated…In Lego! Could You Do This?

How deep does your fandom go? Would you have the strength of mind and the skill to build these sci-recreations? Out of lego?! These lego builds celebrate the imagination. Enjoy!


1. STAR WARS: The Millenium Falcon (full interior version), made by Titans Creations.



2. PACIFIC RIM: made by OliveSeon.



3. PREDATOR: bust by MisterZumbi.



4. CHAPPIE: constructed by th_squirrel.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 1.47.41 PM

5. TERMINATOR: T-800 bust by Martin Latta.


6. THE THING: poster by matt rowntRee.


7. ALIEN: USCSS Nostromo by Michael Steindl.


8. THE MATRIX: Sentinels by Sean and Steph Mayo.


9. ROBOCOP: constructed by Marin Stepkovic.

10. PLANET OF THE APES: by Sean Jensen.


11. THE HUNGER GAMES: made by Brian Rinker.


12. STAR TREK: USS Enterprise, built by El Barto.

13. MAD MAX: lego_will.


14. ALIEN: Facehugger by Norbert Labuguen.

15. STAR WARS: Martin Latta has recreated the ENTIRE BATTLE!




16. TOTAL RECALL: The “Two Weeks!” Exploding Head Lady, built by Stuart Delahay.


17. BACK TO THE FUTURE: The DeLorean, constructed by Alex Jones.


Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.58.13 AM




18. AVATAR: scene created by Piotr Hofman.


19. SERENITY: built by Adrian Drake.


20. WALL-E: creation of Angus MacLane.