20 Hideously Awkward Airport Security Encounters

We know, we know, they’re just doing their job. Them borders need protecting. But that doesn’t make a stranger rubbing his hands over your naughty parts any less awkward.


1. Not the most exciting reason to drop trou.


2. Whatcha got in there grandma?


3. That look says it all.

4. A little wider please, sir.


5. “Oiiiiiiii!”


6. “Really? REALLY?!”

7. “Sir, you have wonderfully muscular thighs…”


8. That look.


9. “Why thank you, I have been working on my abs!”

10. No amount of eye contact could make this less creepy.


11. “I’ll just zip you back up, sir.”


12. This is the right response to being felt up by airport security.

13. “A little higher…”


14. Lucky he’s not ticklish.


15. “There’s no way these are all you…”

16. “Excuse me sir, I’ve lost my glove.”


17. “You won’t believe what people hide in these.”


18. “Someone’s been working out!”

19. That’s not a mannequin?


20. Some people find this sort of thing fun…



21. Prepare your kids – pick up this fun picture book!