20 Heartwarming Tattoos From Parents Who Really, Really Love Their Kids!

1. This doodle tattoo


2. This is so sweet he’s giving us toothache


3. Mum and Dad has their diabetic son’s insulin pump tattooed on themselves, with the words “forever linked.”

4. Twin flowers for her twin girls


5. After his son’s death, this Dad got a tattoo of the waveform of his son’s laugh, right over his heart


6. Linda got this tattoo as a thank you for her child’s treatment, raising $4000 for the hospital in the process

7. Three peas in a pod, for her three children


8. He’s inked his family’s circle of life


9. Her kid’s unique fingerprints, made into hearts, tattooed close to hers

10. His daughter’s names – in their adorable handwriting


11. He immortalised his daughter’s beautiful tiger


12. This mother of two autistic children got the tattoo to symbolise that her kids are unique and different, but not less

13. These faces will stay youthful forever on the arms of their parents


14. In a show of solidarity, this dad got his daughter’s hearing aid tattooed on his scalp


15. This proud parent had her kid’s birth footprints turned into beautiful butterflies

16. This dad will carry his kid’s love with him forever!


17. This mother’s two daughters were born in January – and the carnation is the official flower of that month


18. On the left is a birthmark, on the right is a tattoo. They’ll match forever!


19. Jaiden’s dad honored his kid with a star sign tattoo


20. This couple had wanted matching tattoos for years, and when their daughter was born with a birthmark, they knew that the whole family had to match