20 Gloriously Candid Morning Photos Of Superstars

Veronique Vial is a photographer who has captured unique photos for her two books, Women Before 10 A.M and Men Before 10 A.M. Her photos give an intimate look into the lives of famous celebrities before they the glitz and the glamour of their jobs take over. Here are 20 stunningly beautiful black and white photos of celebs before 10 A.M.


1. Sprightly Sigourney Weaver.


2. Crisp Jackie Chan.


3. James Franco overexposed.

4. Brendan Fraser with bed hair.


5. Vin Diesel soaking it up.



6. A jaded Julianne Moore.

7. Fresh Angelina Jolie.


8. Tea with Emma Thompson.


9. Jeff Goldblum starting his day with a good book.

10. Salma Hayek in covers.


11. Of course Karl Lagerfeld is dressed before 10 A.M.


12. A relaxed Reese Witherspoon.

13. Christopher Potter playing the role of a dad.


14. Keifer Sutherland contemplating thinking about thinking.


15. Dermot Mulroney playing with his pets.

16. Breakfast with Julie Delpy.


17. Sofia Coppola waking to the day.


18. Ethan Embry’s daddy duties.

19. Denise Richards getting into denims.


20. Naomi Campbell breaking dawn.