20 Freaked Out Animals Who Have Just Discovered Shocking Life Truths

1. Wait, which leaves are poisonous?


2. Bruce Willis was dead THE WHOLE TIME!


3. Chipotle delivers??

4. Mom? What are you doing to dad?


5. I’m adopted?!


6. Santa’s not real?!

7. Luke kissed his sister!


8. But they were on a break!


9. Kanye did WHAT?!

10. Why are my roommates making those noises?


11. Hannah Montana’s wearing WHAT?!


12. Puff the Magic Dragon isn’t really about a dragon?

13. Snape was good THE WHOLE TIME?!

Freaked Out Animals EMGN19


14. Wait.. why are Cersei and Jaime doing that…?


15. It’s not butter?