20 Facts About Lefties That Show They’re Actually All Right

We all know at least one left-handed person. You may be left-handed yourself. If we are honest though, how much do we really know about left-handed people, or “lefties” as they are so commonly referred to? Can they be trusted? In all honesty, can you trust someone that can’t operate the same can opener or scissors as you? Thought not. Here are some shocking facts about left-handed people that prove…wait, they’re normal.


1. Left-handed people are often referred to as syphilis of the human race, they’re everywhere.

In fact, between five and ten percent on the US population are left-handed.


2. That means that roughly 30 million Americans are left-handed.


3. Left-handed people are more likely to be alcoholics.

In the 1970s, there was a paper published called “Left-Handedness and Alcoholism” which raised the possibility that left-handed people were more likely to be alcoholics than right-handed people. The study was purely observational, however, and didn’t contain evidence to back it up. Until recently, no research or evidence existed that linked handedness to drinking habits. It turns out that lefties aren’t more likely to be genetically disposed to addiction, but on average they do drink more often, and in greater quantities than righties.

4. The teenage years can be difficult.

Sadly for left-handed people, they tend to reach puberty four to five months later than their right-handed counterparts.


5. Creativity flourishes.

Left-handed people have a tendency to be more creative than right-handers. It is said that they use the right side, the creative side, of the brain more. This would explain how Christopher Nolan is able to come up with such creative, messed up and brilliant movies.


6. They love them some numbers.

Although it is a function more associated with the right side of the brain, left-handed people tend to fare well when it comes to mathematic problems, whereas righties tend to do better with language tasks.

7. Lefties make bank.

In keeping with their strong sense for sums, lefties earn more money. Among college graduates, left-handed people make 26% more than right-handers.


8. Girls don’t run the world, lefties do.

Sorry Queen Bey, but four of the last seven Presidents have been left-handed. They are in control.


9. Apollo missions were a little left field.

One quarter of the astronauts involved in the Apollo missions were left-handed, including well-known astronauts like Jim Lovell, Mike Collins, and Wally Schirra.

10. Swing and rarely miss.

When it comes to certain sports, left-handers are pretty darn good. Sports such as baseball, swimming, boxing and tennis players have prominent left-handed stars. Furthermore, almost 40% of professional tennis players are left-handed.


11. You’re in royal company.

Several members of the British Royal Family are left-handed, including Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William.


12. An even animal divide.

Although about 90% of humans around the world are right-handed, cats, rats, and mice are about equally right and left-handed.

13. Being left-handed was the work of the devil.

The word “sinister” comes from the Latin for “left, on the left side”. In Catholic schools you used to be hit in the knuckles with a ruler to correct your writing style.


14. The origins of the word aren’t flattering.

The English word “left” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for “broken or weak.” That’s not a great look.


15. The older you are, the more left your child will be.

No guarantees it will vote Democrats. Women over 40 are 128% more likely to give birth to a left-hander than women in their 20s.

16. Suffering for your sins.

This could be justified in the eyes of the old-school Catholic Church. Left-handed people are more likely to suffer from allergies and asthma than right-handed people.


17. They swing both ways.

Left-handed people are generally more ambidextrous than right-handed people. Golfer Phil Mickelson is an exception to this rule. Even though is the most high-profile left-handed golfer of all time, Mickelson is actually right-handed. He learned to play leftie by exactly mirroring his father’s right-handed swing exactly.


18. Come fly with me.

Not that it pertains to anything, the longest word that can be typed with your left hand using traditional touch-type technique is “stewardesses”. Now you know, you can sleep at night.

19. “Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me.”

Sadly for lefties, they tend to suffer from insomnia more than others.


20. “I can see clearly now…”

Left-handed people can see under water better than right-handed people.