20 Drug Smugglers Who Were Incredible At Their Jobs

Customs officers clearly have to be pretty darn suspicious when it comes to the creativity of these smugglers, who are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the law. These guys all got busted, but it’s crazy that they did! Think about how crafty these sneaky fools were! Also, think how much must have slipped through before…


1. Some people call cash “bread”. Some smugglers thought these customs agents wouldn’t be down with the slang.


2. Cocaine has generally been associated with fake boobs. These smugglers literally stuffed these ones with blow.


3. Some people call cocaine “nose candy.” These smugglers packed these candy eggs with cocaine.

4. Trojan donkey.


5. The old gecko in a book trick. Wait, what?


6. Everybody ‘nose’ that Mr. Potato head was a little eccentric. It’s because he’s so damn full of ecstasy.

7. This door has a pretty serious cocaine problem.


8. This plant doesn’t have your average base. It’s compressed ephedrine. “I had no idea,” said the owner. Who was high and had forgotten.


9. FROGS in a film canister. What the…

10. These lube bottles are packed with steroids. Kind of ironic, considering how steroids crush your sexiness.


11. Nine smugglers packed these cats with pure opium. Unluckily, the cat was black and was on the last of its nine lives…


12. These guys tried to, uhm, snake a snake across the border in a clay pot.

13. These clams were packed with 10g of cocaine, and then glued back together. The smugglers were a dead giveaway due their incredibly clammy pallor.

14. Not your average chocolate bars, these are packed cocaine covered in a thin layer of chocolate.


15. These freaky dead little critters were stuffed with coke. Fancy fingers, but no cigar.

16. Soccer balls filled up with cigarettes. Kind of a contradiction?


17. Okay, even more of a contradiction. This Mickey was packing heat in the form of a pistol.


18. Avocokeado.

19. Cocaine cannon – wonderful idea.


20. Is that dandruff in your hair?


21. Yes everything seems legitimate here…