20 Delightful Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Your Favorite Films

Take a peek through the looking glass at these amazing behind-the-scenes photos. Film is all about creating illusion, however, sometimes it’s wonderful to see actors playing the fool on set.


1. Princess Leia downs a beer between takes.


2. With a tip of the hat we bet he said “Good Day Sir…..I SAID GOOD DAY”


3.  Apparently, Steven Spielberg named the shark Bruce, but it preferred to be called Caitlin.

4. See…we told you there was sooo much room on that door.


5. Since they were dating at the time, Winona was familiar with Johnny’s scissorhands.


6. Martin Scorsese reassuring his cast that they were all good fellas.

7. So you are telling us that there wasn’t a tiger on the boat the whole time?


8. When Tarantino was skinny, Travolta was fat and Jackson was a Preacher.


9. “He ate his fries with some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

10. Friend or foe?


11. Lucy Lui had yet to get her hair and make-up done when this was taken.

12. Dr Pepper: A drink for doctors and serial killers.

13. Can he not just make the rain stop?


14. Clowns are the scariest thing on earth.


15. Sit. Stay. Good boy.

16. In the wrong place, your hand is.


17. How long did Jack Nicholson have to wait between takes?


18.  “In a circular motion Steven, circular.”

19. Film history being made.


20. It was a pig’s blood mess to clean up.