18 Of The Deadliest Women In The World

You may be surprised to realize that some of most horrendous murders in the world were committed by women. These 18 ladies poisoned, hacked and tortured their victims for money, revenge and sometimes just for fun. Although most of these women were caregivers by trade, none of them possess a caring bone in their body, especially #6 who is delightfully known as “Death House Landlady”.


1. Elizabeth Bathory.

This Hungarian aristocrat is said to have murdered between 80-600 young girls. She thought that bathing in their blood would give her eternal youth.


2. Anna Marie Hahn.

In the early 1900s, Anna traveled to America where she met her husband and had a child. Hahn decided that the easiest way to make money was to poison the elderly people in her neighborhood. Eventually she was caught in 1937 and executed.


3. Belle Gunness.

Belle Gunness killed 40 male suitors to claim their insurance money. She was able to find so many men by placing a personal ad in her local newspaper.

4. Alieen Wuornos.

Alieen Wuornos was working as a prostitute when she killed several men and stole their money. She is known as one of the first female serial killers in America and Charlize Theron won an Oscar for portrayal of Wuornos in the movie about her life, Monster. She was executed in 2002.


5. Julia Frazkaz.

Julia Frazkaz was the leader of a Hungarian group called “Angel makers of Nagrev”. Over 15 years the group was responsible for over 300 murders. A vast amount of the victims were members of the group’s family because Frazkaz would ask “who needs them?”.


6. Dorothea Puente.

This pensioner was another unlikely murderer but her crimes are absolutely horrific. Pueto ran a boarding house in Sacramento and would cash the checks of the elderly and disabled people that lived there. If anyone complained she would kill them and bury them in her backyard. She was known as the “Death house landlady”.

7. Mary Tudor.

Mary Tudor only reigned for a few years after Henry III but that gave her enough time to organize the murders of hundreds of people as she thought they were heretics.


8. Leonarda Cianciulli.

Leonarda Cianciulli’s body count was only three but it was what happened afterwards that made her one of the deadliest and repulsive murderers in history. She made teacakes (sweet buns) out of her victim’s meat and fed it to guests. Delish.


9. Genene Jones.

Genene Jones was found to be deliberately poisoning people in order to garner praise for her efforts in nursing them back to health. This is referred to as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Jones was a nurse in a hospital in Texas when her colleagues suspected of her poisoning her patients. She was only convicted of one murder but she is suspected of murdering over 60 people.

10. Amy Archer-Gilligan.

Another case of poisoning the elderly. Amy and her husband set up a boarding home but instead of caring for the elderly she killed them and stole their money. Once again this is another case in which the murderer was convicted of one murder but suspected in over 60 cases.


11. Velma Barfield.

Although Velma Barfield was only convicted of killing one person, she later admitted in prison to killing six people. Her victims included killing two husbands, a boyfriend and her very own mother.


12. Jane Toppan.

Jane Toppan was a nurse and she got a particular sexual thrill when she experimented on dying patients. In 1901 she was convicted of murdering 31 people in her care.

13. Bertha Gifford.

In a tight-knit community in Missouri, Bertha cared for the sick and elderly. She also murdered about 17 people in the space of 21 years. In 1928 she was found not guilty for reason of insanity and spent the next 23 years in a mental asylum until she died.


14. Nannie Doss.

Nannie Doss murdered four of her husbands,two of her sisters, two of her children, one grandchild and her mother. The police finally caught up with Doss when she tried to claim insurance money from her fifth husband.


15. Lavinia Fisher.

Lavinia Fisher and her husband ran a hotel in South Carolina and would murder and rob their guests. They were eventually caught and hanged in 1820.

16. Myra Hindley.

This horrific crime spree is known as the ‘Moor murders”. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley kidnapped and murdered five children between the ages of 10-17. Hindley would find the children and bring them home for Brady to sexually torture them, often joining in herself. She is characterized as the most evil woman in Britain.


17. Amelia Dryer.

In Victorian England Amelia Dryer owned a housing unit for pregnant woman and instead of looking after the new babies, Dryer let them starve to death.


18. Delphine LaLaurie.

Kathy Bates portrayed Delphine LaLaurie in American Horror Story and she became known as the one of the cruelest characters on TV. Unfortunately this character wasn’t from someone’s imagination. LaLaurie was a real woman who tied up and tortured her slaves. When there was a fire in her house she left the slaves tied up to burn to death.