The 20 Most Confusing And Unexplainable Photos You Will Ever See

1. Are they… probing him?


2. Is that a tiny sewing machine?


3. Is he… wakeboarding behind a horse?

4. Is he… posing with chickens?


5. Where do you get shoes that big?


6. Alright…

7. Is that… an octopus?


8. Just a fish boat, no biggie.


9. Has she drunk that whole bottle of wine?

10. Is that…his wedding tux?


11. Is that…a dog dressed as grandma?


12. Maybe it’s best not to ask.

13. Is that a monkey dressed as a rabbit?


14. Are they… admiring?


15. Why… just why?

16. The most disciplined dog in the world.


17. Is she…powering that light?


18. Dangerous slide placement.


19. Is she…using a baguette?


20. Those are chickens…right?