20 Bizarre Photos That Will Make You Double Take

Timing is everything. These very well timed photos will have you in hysterics, make you double take and make you wonder why Leo DiCaprio is the happiest man in the world.


1. Did you just flick me?


2. Umm racist.


3. Don’t f*** with this girl and her coat kitten.

4. When you are forced into the family photo.


5. Stone cold.


6. When two become one.

7. Unnecessary Sir.


8. You can never unsee this.


9. A little hot dog in the bra to tide her over.


10. The mirror tells a different story.


11. She missed leg day too many times.


12. He’s got moves like Michael Jackson.

13. Whale in the sky = the perfect day.


14. Ill timed photos will ruin your reputation.


15. There is always one.

16. When did pigs get so flexible? They apparently can’t even look up.


17. Leo was just so happy to be a part of the day.


18. Shuuuuuuut your mouth.