20 Awful Wedding Cake Disasters That Would Make Any Newly-Weds Cringe!

1. We want our cake to look like a tropical beach.


2. Just something simple, you know, green, red, yellow, tiers, piping.


3. We’re making our own wedding cake!

4. Just a tiffany blue square cake with three tiers…


5. Oooh, the icing doesn’t look great. Just cover it up with sprinkles!


6. A plain white cake with dove-shaped salt and pepper shakers on top!


7. What I really want is a pink and green cake, with jell-o, that looks like a diseased alien.


8. Is it supposed to be… abstract?


9. NEVER leave a cake in a car unattended.

10. I want a spring-themed cake!


11. Just two tiers, black, with some ribbon.


12. It looked so nice in the picture!

13. It’s not exactly right…


14. Wow. Creepy.


15. Brown doesn’t belong on wedding cakes!

16. Make the tiers look like presents!


17. Make our faces out of icing!


18. I’d like a white cake with some delicate, intricate piping on the sides.


19. White, with some silver ribbon, thanks.


20. Maybe this is what you deserve if you order a cake shaped like tyres.