19 Weird Wedding Pictures That Will Leave You Absolutely Speechless

Weddings have the tendency to either be great or extremely awkward. These pictures, though, might make you aware of how awkward it can really get. Maybe you want to go over those plans for the wedding ceremony once more just so you know that you and your partner have the same kind if expectations…


1. First, why? Second, where are the guests? Third, why?


2. Sure, sitting on a bear is a very safe and very humane idea.


3. Mafia wedding gone wrong.

4. Pure romance.


5. At least they tried.

emgn weidest wedding photos pic 5 distractify


6. Excitement, so much excitement.

7. What’s the message here?


8. Wait, how many people are under that dress?

emgn weidest wedding photos pic 8 distractify


9. Farmer’s wedding.

10. Stop throwing shoes at the bride, people!


11. Is she pointing an umbrella at him?


12. If that is your idea of marriage, simply do not marry.

13. Celebrating that wedding day.


14. That’s what you call passive-aggressive.


15. Mom is going to love her.

16. Wouldn’t you love to know how they met?


17. Marriage is great, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.


18. So… much… joy.

19. That photographer had the wrong idea.