19 Weird Starbucks Items From Around The World

In the last few years, Starbucks has become quite the phenomenon. You can’t pass a street corner without seeing one, and it has now branched out to Europe, Asia, and well…everywhere. Did you know though that each country has its own specialities or treats on the menu? Would you drink an avocado yoghurt frappe? Probably not, but they sure do in South Korea. Let’s have a look at how Starbucks is doing around the world.


1. Canada – Maple macchiato.

YES CANADA. Considering this country is pretty much made of maple syrup, it makes sense that there is a hot drink made of it. We would totally drink that macchiato.


2. Europe – Pancakes.

We don’t see how coffee and pancakes put together can’t make heaven. In fact, we’re dreaming of coffee and pancakes right now. Damn it, America, take notes!


3. Philippines – Spam bagel.

“Hmm, spam bagel you say? Must not be what it sounds like.” WRONG. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Spam is a delicacy in the Philippines, so they put it on their bagels. With egg and cheddar. We don’t want to talk about it anymore.

4. Argentina – Meringue brownie.

Oh my. So… Why don’t we have that here?


5. Philippines – Vegan mushroom and Emmental cheese roll.

Their intentions are so good but… Don’t they know cheese isn’t vegan?


6. Japan – Iced coffee with summer jelly.

We don’t know what summer jelly is but apparently it tastes like grapefruit and no thanks.

7. Japan – Coffee jelly frappuccino.

Enough with the jelly, Japan!


8. Taiwan – Curry chicken cannoli.

Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? Is it a snack?

9. China – Green tea ‘errthang.

They LOVE their green tea in China. In fact, they love it so much, they make everything green tea flavored. Green tea cake, green tea tiramisu, green tea eclairs, you name it, it’s green tea flavored.


10. New Zealand – Christmas.

Have you ever wondered what Christmas really tastes like? Fruitcake, that’s what Christmas tastes like. Drink up!


11. Hong Kong – Grilled pineapple and chicken Turkish bread.

Chicken, mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, teriyaki sauce = yum. Pineapple… PINEAPPLE?! WHY?!


12. Brazil – Pão de queijo.

Translated as “cheese bread”, påo de queijo are fluffy pastries that are very popular in Brazil.

13. Peru – Pizza.

Pizza and coffee you say? We’re not sure where they’re going with this but we’ll allow it.


14. India – Lemon cheesecake.

Fluffy, rich, zesty… America needs more lemon cheesecakes.


15. Mexico – Yoghurt pineapple coconut frappuccino.

For those who like piña coladas. (Minus the rum unfortunately)

16. Hong-Kong – Beef bolognese and egg pie.

Because flakey pastry with bolognese filling just can’t sound bad no matter how you say it.


17. South Korea – Avocado yoghurt frappuccino.

It sounds healthy, but it probably isn’t.


18. Indonesia – Peanut butter panini.

Indonesia knows where it’s at!

19. Japan – Pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin spice got taken to a whole new level in Japan…